Friday, 23 September 2016

The Week Before

 Once again its time for a tour. The usual Head Games are kicking off?  -
Will I escape the Autumn Lurgy  before the start? Will we make it? Will the bike hold out? If we do break down will we find a mechanic? As we pass  Glasgow will the SNP kidnap us and burn the flag of St George.  My mind knows this is paranoia at its highest level but it won't go away. 

Anticipation  not dissimilar to a child waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. This is the lure of the tour. It's escapism in every way, no phone, no speak, no answer -  Days of peddle turning - thinking of days gone by and silent meditation of days to come ( God Willing) it's bliss.

This year however has a different impetus - with the newly discovered tandem I am Stoking The Captain up to The Orkneys to what must be Winchcombe`s worst kept secret. The Captain being a man of War, a man who has kept  society's worst offenders behind bars and the county's worst fires at bay is to marry his long suffering partner Lorraine. The latter being his potentially most decorated challenge. Despite the bravado - The Captain is humbled!

Next Friday morning Sarah will be driving us down to Lands End to begin the adventure. Without accommodation booked and unaware of what may befall us over the next ten days we will chomping on the bit to begin. The tandem is serviced and the trailer is ready for packing. As natives of Southern Britain  fly the Red Cross to the top - The men from Englandshire will be on their way.

The donation pot is for Air Ambulance this year. The concept of suggesting we are 'doing it for charity' is nonsense because if someone gave us 10K not to go we would still be on our way. However lets all just view it as an opportunity to be reminded to give to a great cause.  This seamlessly run organisation survives on giving void of any government funding and none of us know when we may need it. I will be donating myself to the pot so think about a donation a different light  - you may need it one day and so may we. It wouldn't be good to lifted  to the sky one day perusing on the fact a chance to give had gone amiss  . Click on link below for details

Blog all the way up and looking forward to offering comfort to the Captain on his last few weeks of (alleged) freedom.

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