Sunday, 2 October 2016

Exeter to Chepstow in the Sunshine

We get up to the usual full English breakfast it's been a pleasant stay and the captain in usual fashion wipes his plate with white toast.  There is a nip in the air and we dress to suit on a sun blessed autumnal English morning. The first 20 miles of any day are always a grind .  The mind plays games with what's to come and you need to get miles on the board to cure. To get through the period I flirt with female joggers (they are in abundance) as we leave Exeter. It's still bumpy for a while but when we pass through Cullumpton a horizon appears again. It's a welcome sight and for the first time for 150 miles we have a good idea of what lies before us.
The captain is particularly afflicted with digestive turbulence  today and he pre emps his disposal of wind by standing out of the saddle. I like this new system as it averts surprises. 
Our route takes us up the A 38 and it's far from pretty but it knocks a few miles out in rapid fashion.  A supermarket lunch is consumed in the prettiest place we can find overlooking a tattooist and a fishing bait tackle shop,  we both agree that we could have done better.
Our route then takes us  on a cycle path heading to Clevedon. We chase a stray goat  (as you do) and driving it  into the middle of Clifton rugby club where a minis competition is in place. to our surprise no one bats an eyelid and we assume the goat must be a recognised part of the community. Skirting the  M5 we follow a beautiful road to Gordeno where we hook up with the cycle path that takes us over the Avon. On route we poke a motorcyclist in the eye with our flag - he's not happy but in contempt of his attitude we conclude he deserved it anyway.Following the Severn Beach Rd the bridge is crossed and we are in 'The Land of our Fathers' - Whos coats that jacket? I enquire as we approach the outskirts of Chepstow - 'Excuse  me your wearing my brother' and the like. We have run through four counties today on the entry to Wales and it does feel like a milestone.
Enjoying our end of day pint we are honoured to be partaking in conversation with 'The Cheif Crown Prosecutor for Wales' I suggest that this must be an interesting job? He agrees and we leave it at that??
Whist I write the blog Capitano is grabbing a nap. I pick him up on this and the answer was predictable, ' I've been driving all day'
94 miles today and 4160 ft of climbing but after the moor and Cornwall yesterday it felt like a recovery ride. Into Shrewsbury tommorrow all being well
Over and Out ( The goat herders)

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  1. Count your self lucky I can't pass digestive turbulence on the bike without a follow through...(NB)